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Our approaches for challenging drug discovery

    Recently, there are some challenging things for drug discovery such as (1) depletion of antigen (2) time consuming and huge cost for drug discovery. Because of these problems, there is still many Unmet Medical Needs which do not have any fundamental treatments. EME has been tackling for these problems by our platform which utilizes unique technology.

  • 01 Depletion of antigen
    Our approaches
        Recently, many research groups have been tackling drug discovery with conventional antibodies. However, conventional antibodies only can recognize some specific antigens. We have been tackling for this issue of drug discovery with our unique VHH;PharmaLogical® VHH.
  • 02 Time consuming and huge cost for drug discovery
    Our approaches
        Normally, it takes approximately 3 years and huge cost (million dollars) for discovery phase. EME owns advanced screening platform and molecular design platform, and these saves time and huge cost for drug discovery(Obtaining druggable candidates).

Our business models

    We own unique VHH library;PharmaLogical®Libraryand unique technology; cDNA display. Also, we have unique platform “The Month” which is the combination of PharmaLogical®Library and cDNA display. We have been utilizing this platform for joint research with pharmaceutical companies and approaching drug discovery. We also have other business models (1)licensing out our pipeline which utilizes PharmaLogical®VHH and (2) licensing business for our unique technologies such as PharmaLogical®Library and cDNA display.

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