About EME

Epsilon Molecular Engineering. Inc (EME.Inc) is a Biotech startup from Saitama University, founded in 2016. Our technology is based on evolutionary molecular engineering from Naoto Nemoto lab (Saitama University), and we have been approaching the world with the technology of next-generation antibodies, VHH antibodies.

“The Month” is our high-throughput screening platform that is the combination of cDNA display and PharmaLogical™ Library, and it allows us to obtain functional and high quality VHH clones in 30 business days. cDNA display is a protein display method that has high stability and handles a larger size (1013-14) of the library than other display methods such as Phage display. PharmaLogical™ Library is a well-structured, synthetic VHH library that is druggable, and is based on X-ray crystallography of antigen-VHH complexes.

We contribute to our world, society, and people’s lives with next-generation antibodies, VHH antibodies. VHH antibodies have the binding potential to access difficult targets which conventional antibodies cannot, and it can be utilized for various fields such as therapeutics, diagnostics, and imaging.

Timeline for obtaining hit VHH antibody candidates by “The Month” HTS platform.
30Business days
Number of VHH hit clones from screening step which have a binding ability.
Join researches since 2016.
Diversity of Library
Highest KD of VHH candidate
(maximum measured value)
Maximum number of sequences that NGS analyzes.
25million sequences

EME's Strengths

Designed High DiverseLibrary
We have a unique library which has a huge library size; 1013-14. We isolate clones from this library so that it allows obtaining many clones which have unique amino acid sequences.
Advanced high-throughput screening
Our high-throughput screening allows you to obtain unique hit clones which are functional and very stable in 30 business days. 30 business days is a much shorter timeline than general screening methods so that you can save your cost and time.
Cruelty free for antibody discovery
Since our screening method only requires in vitro experiments, we do not require animal experiments such as blood collection and injecting antibodies to animals.

Our Business

Innovative biopharmaceuticals discovery company for creating new modalities

We own unique VHH library;PharmaLogical ®Libraryand unique technology; cDNA display. Also, we have unique platform “The Month” which is the combination of PharmaLogical ®Library and cDNA display. We have been utilizing this platform for joint research with pharmaceutical companiesand approachingdrug discovery.We also have other business models (1)licensing out our pipelinewhich utilizes PharmaLogical ® VHHand (2) licensingbusiness for our unique technologies such as PharmaLogical ®Libraryand cDNA display.

Product Development
  • Joint product development
    with diagnostics companies
    healthcare companies
Pharmaceutical Development
  • Joint research with
    Pharmaceutical companies
Display Business
  • Licensing business for cDNA display
    (e.g. cnvK linker)
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If you have any questions about our service/need more information about joint research or licesing business, please feel free to contact us via the contact form below.