VHH engineering

Development of New Generation Biomolecule and modality
We have been developing the new generation biomolecules and modality with cutting-edge drug discovery ideas for approaching Unmet medical needs. We have also been improving our research of cell therapy and gene therapy.
Development of drug seeds ~VHH antibody and cyclic peptide~
  • Multivalent VHHs (multi-specific VHHs, multi-paratopic VHHs, and etc)
  • Allosteric function
  • Agonist function
Application for Drug delivery system (DDS)
  • ADC
  • Photoimmunotherapy
Application for regenerative medicine and gene therapy
Application for ultra-sensitive detection system and diagnostic system
  • Imaging Diagnostics
Multivalent VHH
The domain structure of VHH is easy to be engineered. Normally, multiple VHHs are tandemly linked by peptide linkers such as homodimer, heterodimer, multimer (more than a trimer). The combination of linking VHHs should be determined for their drug targets and functions.
VHH is easy to be engineered because of their small molecular weight, however, the half-life in the blood stream is short. For improvement of half-life, Fc-fusion is one of the solutions for VHH drug discovery.
Drug discovery of paratope
Drug discovery of paratope means that drug discovery with antibodies which bind different epitopes in the same target molecules. VHH has very small molecular weight, so it is able to be engineered as a multimer antibody. For instance, two different VHHs which recognize different epitopes on antigen can be linked together and form hetero dimer. Drug discovery of paratope can improve affinity and specificity for target molecules, and their drug activity can be synergistically improved.
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