【Overseas Event】EME will join Bio international Convention 2023

From June 5th ~8th 2023 in EST, Epsilon Molecular Engineering will join Bio international Convention 2023 Japan Pavilion supported by JETRO (Japan External Trade Organization).
Bio international Convention is as known as one of the world biggest business networking events for bio technology field. EME has been expanding partnerships with Japanese companies and overseas companies, and approaching for our business growth with VHH antibody drug discovery.

In our booth at Bio international Convention 2023, we will mainly present these contents:
The Month: Our screening platform for VHH andibodies with high efficiency.
PharmaLogical® Library: our advanced humanized synthetic VHH library.
VHH Intrabody Library for intracellular targets.
Pipelines and Drug discovery strategy which we have been tackling to Unmet medical needs.

We are looking forward to seeing you at Bio international Convention 2023 and introducing our cutting-edge technologies!
Information of Bio international Convention 2023,and time schedule is below:

Conference:Bio international Convention
Date:June 5th ~8th (Monday -Thursday) in EST
Location:Boston Convention and Exhibition Center
Host organization:Biotechnology Innovation Organization

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For more information about our booth and appointment of meeting at Bio international convention 2023, please make an appointment via Bio international convention portal or contact us by email.
Email: biz-dev@epsilon-mol.co.jp

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