Discovery of VHHs for suppressing infection of COVID-19


A research group of Kitasato University, Epsilon Molecular Engineering, Inc. and Kao Corporation announced today it has succeeded in discovering VHH antibodies for suppressing infection of COVID-19.


Please refer to the link below for details of the press release:



About Epsilon Molecular Engineering (EME) Inc.


Epsilon Molecular Engineering (EME) Inc. is an evolutionary molecular engineering-based biopharmaceutical drug discovery company. EME was established in 2016 as a biotech startup incubated by Saitama University in Japan, and has proprietary technologies, unique cDNA display libraries of the heavy-chain single-domain antibodies (VHH), cyclic peptides of great diversity (1013-14), and high-throughput screening methods using next-generation sequence, FACS and machine learning (Bioinformatics). EME is, currently, conducting several joint research projects, including COVID-19 and 17 other ongoing inhouse projects in the areas of cancer, inflammation, and Alzheimer’s disease.