EME library

EME VHH and cyclic peptide library

Library diversity: :1012−14

EME VHH library



Features of EME VHH library

【VHH Naïve library】
Prepared from B-cell of Alpaca(Lama pacos)
Containing various length of complementarity
determining regions (CDRs)

Sequence diversity≥1016

> Having thermal stability to withstand heat treatment above 80℃
“VHH artificial library”

VHH antibody shows the same degree (nM order) of antigen affinity as lgG.

Comparison of characteristics of lgG antibody and VHH antibody

  Conventional antibody (lgG)(IgG) VHH antibody
M.W. 150Kda 14KDa
Production by microorganisms difficult Easy
Refolding from denaturing condition Impossible Easy
Thermal stability Low Very high
Protein engineering Difficult Easy
Acquiring neutralizing antibody Difficult Easy
Tissue permeability Low High

EME Cyclic Peptide Libraries

EME Cyclic Peptide

EME Cyclic Peptide

EME cyclic peptide libraries are…

  • available to be cyclized between cysteineresidues near both ends with various kinds of crosslinking agents.
  • available to be prepared with non-natural amino acids composition in random region.
  • containing the random amino acid region of 6to 30 amino acids