Research and development strategy

In EME, we have been working for development of new generation of biopharmaceuticals and modalities applied by VHH antibodies, cyclic peptide aptamers, and novel scaffold molecules. Moreover, we have been working the advanced research of cellular therapy and gene therapy.

  • Research and development of VHH antibody and cyclic peptide aptamer for drug discovery seeds.
  • Application for Drug delivery system (DDS)
  • Application for regenerative medicine and gene therapy
  • Application for ultra sensitive detection system and diagnostic system
  • Acquisition of structural information for designing low molecule compounds.
  • Research and development of synthetic enzyme.

“Epitope” and “paratopic” drug discovery

Based on research of antibody medications, identification and selection of epitopes for each expression of drug efficacy such as agonist, antagonist, allosteric, antigen expression, intracellular, carrier, and etc. are one of the most important processes. For the new generation of researching antibody medications, 1) obtain the antibodies which bind to difference epitopes as much as we can, and 2) select the antibodies bind to best epitope for drug discovery of epitope. For drug discovery field, finding the epitopes by conventional antibodies  with binding modes are limited. On the other hand, the many new epitopes which are recognized by VHHs have been found in latest researches, so VHHs  are considered as the molecules for new drug discovery. Also, next generation of researching antibody medications, 1) the Bi-specific molecules (which have specificity to different targeting molecules) 2)the paratopic molecules which can bind different epitopes in same target molecules is importance for drug discovery.

“Epitope” and “paratopic” drug discovery

Schematic illustration of bi-Specific molecule (A) and (bi-)paratopic molecule (B)