Drug discovery business utilizing next-generation antibodies (VHHs) and peptide aptamers (in-house, joint research, alliance)

Under the support of NEDO-STS, EME succeeded in automating “genotype/phenotype-linkage technology” which is one of the evolutionary molecular engineering technologies. This enabled the automated preparation of homogeneous cDNA display libraries with a diversity of 1014 (hundreds of trillions). In addition, by utilizing the cell sorting apparatus to the screening technology, it is possible to significantly shorten the screening period of target molecule-binding VHHs or peptide aptamers, and to obtain VHHs or peptide aptamers with higher affinity binding properties, as compared with the conventional screening method. We owns the naive VHH gene library in a technology partnership with RePHAGEN Inc. and the high quality peptide gene libraries. When the target molecule is trans-membrane proteins such as GPCR, in order to use them for screening while retaining their active structures, we possess the technologies to prepare high purity and homogeneous target molecules. Therefore, this enables us to create the next-generation biopharmaceuticals (VHHs and peptide aptamers) for the target molecules, that were difficult to be produced with the conventional methods.