A message from President and CEO

Naoto Nemoto President and CEO IMAGE

Epsilon Molecular Engineering Inc. (EME) was founded as a biotech startupbased on the core technology of evolutional molecular engineering.
“Epsilon” is the letter of Greek alphabet “E”, but also, we involve the meaning of “Evolution” to the name “Epsilon.” This evolution does not only mean molecular evolution but we also expect our members “evolve” themselves so that our company should be affected from them then company also can evolve. This is our motto for being an excellent company.

Currently, we have been focusing on the development of innovative modality medications. On the other hand, we are also planning to develop other materials using the molecular evolution method for approaching for social contributions and environmental issues. For instance, we believe innovation of industrial enzymes and diagnostic agents can be one of the ways to approach. Our missions which is “Creating functional biomolecules for the future” is derived from this thought.

In EME, we always respect our members make decisions with scientific and logical thoughts, and the decisions should be without bias.. Also, we respect our members have various lifestyles (for instance, we have been focusing on the enhancement of support for children and childrearing)

We expect that our members are actively addressing their goals and it also become the social contributions in the future. We want to be a company which grow up with our members.

Naoto Nemoto
President and CEO