Mission and Vision

Creation Of The Future With Functional Biomolecules

In EME, we have been developing the biomolecules:

  • Biomolecules which enable to be substitution of pervious antibody medications. The biomolecules which achieve the development of new medications which can cure severe diseases/conditions (their medications are categorized as “Unmet Medical Needs” and could not cure with previous antibody medications).
  • The biomolecules which show beneficial effect based on concept of new treatments.
  • The biomolecules which can address the social and economical issues (e.g. low-cost medications).

We believe these next generation biomolecules are VHH (variable domain of heavy chain of heavy chain antibody) and peptide aptamer. Therefore, we have been working for implementation of VHH and peptide aptamer in medical field and our life. We believe this movement support affluent society.

Innovative biopharmaceuticals discovery company for creating new modalities

In our society today, innovation of new technologies such as AI have been dramatically developed and values in the society have been changing. These changes affect research and development field and the expectations for research and development field also have been dramatically changing. In the medical field, more and more individualization of therapy become important. For the new generation of medical field, we need to improve the previous medications which have drawbacks, and develop innovative diagnostics and therapeutics with new concepts. In EME, we provide innovative and high-functioning biomolecules to the world with our high through put evolutionary molecular engineering technology. We believe this is our way to approach the social contributions for the world.