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Drug discovery of Next Generation antibody/peptide aptamer (Own projects/Corporative research/Alliance)

EME successfully automated the process of   cDNA display sysntehsis which is one of the technologies of evolutional molecular engineering with supporting by NEDO-STS in 2017.

This automated technology allows us to organize the 1014 of large diversity of cDNA display library. Also, we applied the cell sorting apparatus to the screening technology, and we expect that it allows us to improve the screening efficiency comparing with previous method. The screening of target molecule binding VHH or peptide aptamer became much faster than previous screening method. It is able to select the molecules which are higher affinity and binding properties.

We own the naïve VHH gene library in a technology partnership with RePHAGEN Inc. and the high-quality peptide gene libraries. If the target molecule is membrane protein which have transmembrane domain (e.g. GPCR, transporter, channel), we can use this membrane protein for screening with keeping active site structure. It allows to have a high purity and homogenous preparation techniques. Therefore, the selection of next generation biopharmaceuticals (VHHs and peptide aptamers) are able to be selected with cDNA display method (In the previous screening and selection system utilizing animal immunity, it was unable to select VHHs and peptide aptamers).